Thursday, April 8, 2010

SCV on Confederate History Month Proclamations

Sons Of Confederate Veterans
Columbia, Tennessee

For Immediate Release


Commander-in-Chief Chuck McMichael of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans issued the following statement in light of the recent proclamation by the governor of Virginia restoring the observance of Confederate History Month in Virginia.

"While we are pleased to see heightened media attention to Confederate History Month resulting from the proclamation we are dismayed to see political implications or political correction zeal placed on it. We applaud Govenor McDonnell for his courage to do the right thing, as well as all the other officials across the country who have done likewise.
"The SCV is non-political with a primary interest in seeing to it that the accurate history of the Confederacy is observed along with proper respect shown for the
Confederate Military personnel who served and died during four years of war against overwhelming odds of more than three to one."

"These observances have been going on for more than a hundred years so it should be no surprise to anyone they continue to grow in scope with each passing year."

"Several states by state law observe a state holiday for Confederate Memorial Day.  Others have state laws establishing Confederate History and Heritage Month.
Still others set forth Confederate History Month by proclamation."

"The SCV has set a goal of over one thousand instances of observance of Confederate history in states, counties, parishes, cities and towns throughout America. In some cases beyond the boundaries of the original Confederacy.
These events include proclamations at all levels of government, parades, banquets, balls, re-enactments, school living histories, radio and television interviews, newspaper articles and a series of historical minutes for the media which include each day of Confederate History and Heritage Month.
There are observances at cemeteries where Confederate soldiers graves are decorated.  Many of our local camps participate in securing proclamations in several communities in their individual areas.


Contact information:

J. A. Davis,  Chairman,  Sons of Confederate Veterans Public Relations and Media Committee
770 297-4788

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