Friday, May 28, 2010

New Mural Highlights Hart County’s CSA Heritage

by Joey Oller

A new mural, commissioned by the Tourism Council, on the town square in Munfordville depicts the WBTS history of Hart County. Although the mural attempts to be fair to both sides, it clearly is over-shadowed by the rich Confederate history of the county. In September the General Ben Hardin Helm camp will host a booth during the Hart County CW Days which highlights the 1862 battle where union forces surrendered to Gen. Simon B. Buckner. Robert Cull, Lt. Cmdr. of the GBHHelm Camp will also conduct the annual memorial service at the Confederate Cemetery, where over 28 Mississippi soldiers are buried. The Hart County CW Days is one of the Helm Camp's major activities for the year.

Originally Published in the Summer 2004 The Lost Cause

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