Friday, February 25, 2011

Flags Over Franklin

During the planning for this past November’s remembrances of the Battle of Franklin, the mayor had the gall to attempt a ban on Confederate Battle Flags during this solemn and holy occasion. This story was immediately picked up by the Associated Press (as they will apparently run any story about banning our flags—whether true or not), which resulted in a thunderous response by the SCV. We promised the mayor that we would be there—with flags.

The weather cooperated superbly, giving us a balmy day despite impending cold and showers threatening to move in. About 300 SCV members made the trip to Franklin—on a Thursday—for what was one part parade, one part memorial service, and one part protest. The result was a beautiful scene as the streets and city square of Franklin were filled with flags fluttering in the breeze. 10,000 luminary were set out to commemorate the dead, and were lit as dusk approached.

 Photos © Don Shelton, originally published in the Winter, 2007 issue of The Lost Cause

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